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Donate to iGolf4Vets

Securing corporate sponsorship and donations are a major part of our organization

Why become a Corporate Sponsor with iGolf4Vets

Sponsorship and donations will allow us to meet our goals and help minimize the out-of-pocket cost for our members to travel stateside and abroad to participate in golf tournaments.


It will also help offset the cost of partners and volunteers to educate our veterans on Mental Health Disorders, Suicide Prevention, Veteran Affairs Benefits as well as other life skill classes.

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Being Veteran led, our vision is to inspire, educate and equip Veterans from all backgrounds suffering from various mental health disorders, sexual trauma, and thoughts of suicide. We’d like to inspire through interaction with other veterans who can relate. We’d like to educate through multiple programs that specialize in Veteran specific needs.


We’d equip our Veterans through the game of golf. Golf teaches how to create, and hold focus during trying times. We learn to accept the uncontrollable. It also teaches patience and problem solving. All things that are needed for struggling veterans to cope in the Civilian world.



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