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A list of questions and answers relating to a particular subject about iGolf4Vets especially answering basic information for our members and users.

What is the mission of iGolf4VETS, Inc.?

iGolf4VETS, Inc. is a National 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.  At iGolf4VETS, it is our mission to provide Veterans and family members a platform to cope with Mental Health Disorders and Suicide Prevention through the sport of golf.

What are the goals of iGolf4VETS A.?

- Establish local chapters near every military installation and major areas near prestige golf courses.

- Partner with VA, Vet Centers, MWR, PGA, Wounded Warrior Project and other major organization to help support our mission.

- Develop a scholarship programs (iGolf4VETS Scholarship)(Brian K. Tolliver Scholarship) and (Woodhouse Scholarship)

Who is eligible to participate iGolf4VETS, Inc.?

Active duty, Reservist, National Guard, SROTC students, retirees, and honorably discharged members of the armed forces that are either amateur or professional golfers are eligible to join and compete in tournaments.  Professional golfers must compete for the General’s Cup, regardless of their handicap.

What is the vision of iGolf4VETS, Inc.?

Being minority Veteran led, our vision is to inspire, educate and equip Veterans from all backgrounds suffering from various mental health disorders and thoughts of suicideutilizing resources available from VA Programs, multiple agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

What are the goals of iGolf4VETS B?

- Encourage young golfers through our Golf with a Veteran Program


- Develop stateside and overseas golf tournaments

- Sponsor up to 50 Veterans to participate in our Annual Leadership Cup Tournament 

- Establish an intern program for SROTC students with Historical Black Colleges and Universities  (HBCU)

Who is eligible to join iGolf4VETS, Inc.?

Additionally, any family members whose grandparents, parents, spouse, siblings, aunts/uncles, nieces/nephews, have served in the armed forces are eligible to compete or join. Spouses and dependents (18+) of Veterans are encouraged to apply for iGolf4VETS, Inc. membership to join their loved ones on the golf course.


What is the duration of an iGolf4VETS, Inc. membership?


iGolf4VETS, Inc. Elite and Regular membership is valid for one (1) year and will be automatically renewed on anniversary date of enrollment until canceled.


iGolf4VETS. Inc. Associate membership is valid for six (6) months and will be automatically renewed every six (6) months of the anniversary date of enrollment until canceled.

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  1. Mental Health Awareness: Develop initiatives to raise awareness about mental health disorders and suicide prevention, emphasizing the therapeutic benefits of golf as a means of addressing these challenges.

  2. Educational Programs: Enhance educational sessions about VA Programs, ensuring that participants are well-informed and have access to the resources available to them.

  3. Global Expansion: Expand our reach by establishing local chapters near military installations and prestigious golf courses, ensuring accessibility for Veterans from diverse backgrounds.

  4. Collaborative Partnerships: Establish partnerships with other organizations and institutions to strengthen support networks and broaden the impact of iGolf4VETS' mission.

  5. Women Influence: Implement targeted initiatives to enhance women's participation and influence within the game of golf, promoting gender equality and ensuring that the benefits of our programs reach all veterans and their families, irrespective of gender.

  6. Scholarship Initiatives: Develop and promote scholarship programs, including the iGolf4VETS Scholarship, Brian K. Tolliver Scholarship, and Woodhouse Scholarship, to empower Veterans and their families through educational opportunities.

  7. Internship Involvement:  Establish an internship program with Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU) for SROTC students, contributing to diversity in the military and creating opportunities within the golf profession. 

  8. Youth Engagement: Build interest in the game of golf to kids 17 and under fostering inclusivity and bridging generational gaps within our community.

  9. Fundraising Initiatives: Develop sustainable fundraising strategies to secure financial resources necessary for program expansion, outreach, and the overall success of iGolf4VETS.

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