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iGolf4VETS is about inspiring, educating & equipping our veterans with knowledge to maintain a healthy mindset plus lifestyle.

Why iGolf4Vets

Being Veteran led, our vision is to inspire, educate and equip Veterans from all backgrounds suffering from various mental health disorders, and thoughts of suicide. We’d like to inspire through interaction with other veterans who can relate.


We’d like to educate through multiple programs that specialize in Veteran specific needs, and we’d equip our Veterans through the game of golf. Golf teaches how to create, and hold focus during trying times. We learn to accept the uncontrollable. It also teaches patience and problem solving. All things that are needed for struggling veterans to cope in the Civilian world.



At iGolf4VETS, it is our mission to provide Veterans and family members a platform to cope with Mental Health Disorders and Suicide Prevention through the sport of golf.

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Being minority Veteran led, our vision is to inspire, educate and equip Veterans from all backgrounds suffering from various mental health disorders and thoughts of suicide utilizing resources available from VA Programs, multiple agencies, and other non-profit organizations.

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What are the goals of iGolf4VETS, Inc.?

Establish local chapters near every military installation and major areas near prestige golf courses. 

Partner with VA, Vet Centers, MWR, PGA, Wounded Warrior Project and other major organization to help support our mission.

Develop scholarship programs (iGolf4VETS Scholarship) (Brian K. Tolliver Scholarship) and (Woodhouse Scholarship)

Develop stateside and overseas golf tournaments

Encourage young golfers through our Golf with a Veteran Program

Sponsor up to 50 Veterans to participate in our Annual Leadership Cup Tournament 

Establish an intern program for SROTC students with Historical Black Colleges and Universities (HBCU)

iGolf4VETS core values are what the founders standby their organization will provide the help to our current and future members excelling through life by developing friendship, education, and coping with mental health.

Core Vaules


iGolf4Vets will establish Chapters across the United States near every Military Installation with a golf course or City areas with a prestigious golf course that a military installation isn’t close by. This will provide a platform for Like-Minded Veterans to learn more about the game of golf as it helps to reduce stress and anxiety which normally leans to severe Mental Disorders and/or Suicidal Thoughts.  


IGolf4Vets will establish multiple Scholarship Programs to educate our youth on the importance of Education and Mental Health with emphasis on ROTC and the sport of golf. Some of our scholarships requirements will range from GPA’s of 2.5 - 4.0; Attendance of JROTC program in High School; Enrollment in SROTC programs at Accredited Universities; Academic Scholarship with a Major in Psychology; Athletic Scholarship in the sport of Golf.


iGolf4Vets is working with Veterans Affairs, Vet Centers, Private Psychiatrist Facilities, Wounded Warrior Project, MWR, PGA and other major organizations to help develop programs to assist our members with Mental Health Disorders.

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